Tuesday, July 3, 2012

sophisticated look ♥

love lace
really do..smpaikan one of my pashmina myna DIY dengan lace..hehe
ll update bout dat later :)

ok just catch dis lace blouce dkat kakishopping n its really owsem
+ gv a sophisticated look as u match it wisely
owsem mmg owsem but
we need to be more cautions in style up lace type..
coz lace da dun want la look more sarat2 lg..
nnti org lain xlarat nk tgok..hee
so just matchkan dengan simple sesimple hijab yg korang ade..
walaupun tgah in love tgolek2 dgn pashmina u still can match wif it  
but beware dgn corak n rmbu ramba yg ade pd pashmina tu coz it ll give a lot of  impak nnti :)

p/s : lace blouse ni match dgn dress or skirt pn nice kn 
- those yg minat dgn lace blouse ni boleh checkout @ kakishopping
availble 2 colours 
pure white + gorgeous black

-till we meet again-