Thursday, June 21, 2012

in ♥ wif pashmina again

never tought of wearing pashmina again since tudung bawal dlm arena popular now..
but then i cant resist pashmina is always the best
as it give me more options on styling it ♥
thinking to find more unique collections of pashmina :) 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

few ♥

hye :)
missing dis space..felt like a years since i was bz handling menghantar sisi wedding ke kedah n trus heading ke cameroon n settle pemprosesan mx dress..
Alhamdulillah order 4 mx dress officially close n now in progress..tqsm 4 your support^_^
any announcement ll be made at kakishopping
n hey dlm sibuk2 myna sempat grab new things..cant get away from chiffon nowdays..
n the ♥ wif the colours..
 inspiring me alot :)
till we meet again