Thursday, May 10, 2012

Runway ♥

Theme : street style
photographer : CikguCrewPhotomafia
wardrobe : kakishopping

Part I

its a lovely sunday as i still remembered 
meeting our winner a.k.a model from runway contest and photographer dat day
kind of neves actually..since dis is our 1st time handling an event..
and our 1st event i guess :)
sgt3 teruja
Alhamdulillah everything going smoothly
 even pada awal shooting cuaca agak mendung n hujan
but then we stop for a while and having a breakfast and everything kembali seperti yang kami harapkan
million thanks again to our model for being so lovely dat day and yes our photographer for their beautiful art of street style shooting~
if anything yang kurang@silap mohon maaf dari pihak kami :)
till we meet again 

p/s : surrounds by a great people makes u feel like a great people too

stay tune for our next@new design 
xo -kakishopping 

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