Thursday, February 2, 2012

in time ♥

more dress : kakishoping

wednesday: busy day
spending all day settling bussiness matters, housemates task and assgmnt
all of sudden terasa masa itu sgt2 berharga...
so,now on myna tgah blja buat keje multitasking,, practice makes perfect kan;)
on my bz day..myna slesa dgn im into dress things now 
 love my new emerald green dress from kakishopping..
having problem wif this dress..sbb dress ni too plain~
so im thinking of "minus plain look"
1st choice : cardingan
naa'aa x sesuai..m'sia bukan negara yg sejuk..unless its chiffon cardingan@cardi yg nipis
2nd choice : jacket 
lg jacket lg3 panas dr cardingan unless jacket tu nipis
i do experimenting kemeja as kmeja xpnas n sgt best
matchkn dress wif chiffon kemeja
n im ready for my bizi-wizi day 

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