Thursday, January 26, 2012

into tudung bawal ♥

get ready dgn 4square hijab
1st important step > gunakan bhgian blkag tdung yg xde sulam
>> then ikut step yg sterusnya di bwh ^.~

see how tdung bwal can be more interesting 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not just a Dress ♥

am i look soft ;)

cantik kan? tp rmai yg xberani nk try out dress as their routine style
they prefered more into jeans,shirt,jeans and shirts..
how about give a new breath into your routine least u have 1 dress in your wardrobe..
dress x semetinya utk grand event or dinner~
u can style they up where ever u are..
n give u the softness look ever 

ow wait :4 more dress go to |kakishopping

Monday, January 16, 2012

more chiffon ♥

addicted to chiffon 
pushing me looking toward for a shirt in chiffon ;)
im having one chiffon shirt obviously from kakishopping wardrobe
n yes..its a "what a girl want 4 a shirt" 
smooth,selesa,n love the black carf yg ade kat tgn..
till then chiffi 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Chiffon things ♥

in ♥ wif chiffon things
everything yg come up drpd chiffon material sgt menggoda-goda mata lately..
well,enuf 4 me to say..
shirt?skirt?dress?looking soft,simple,flare n lovely when they in chiffon..n yess i do love simple things!
so yess i love chiffon indeed~
4 our/kakishopping next collections of coz there's sumtg to do wif chiffon things..
stay tune loveliess ;)

Monday, January 9, 2012

tru the age

org kata "jgn tua sblum usia"
kata2 propa ni sumtimes boleh dterima hw kdg2 xboleh dterima..dependss
depends dgn keadaan + depends dgn dr sendiri..
contoh terdekat..
i bougth dis flat last year at cotton on..cute wif the ribbon..
one day..when i put it on..rase xkena je kasut ni...
i knew..dats nothing wrong wif the cute ribbon but sumting to do wif me ;p..
sure, xslah nk pkai cute2 asalkan kne dgn usia+attire..looking cute boleh dlm pelbagai bentuk kn xsemestinya look like kbudak budakan~
so i DIY my flat..n great!it looks moree suitable 4 me ;)