Friday, December 2, 2011

teaser Deep Scoop mx dress kakishopping collections ♥ ♥

hey ♥


after HWS we proudly introduce u our new design >> 
Deep Scoop mx dress kakishopping collections

honestly love the pattern,the shape n love the look! just like a princess^.~
-mx dress ni sesuai utk pkai kmana saje unless if u all nk pkai ke event make sure add up wif sum accesories ;)
-its custome made lycra mx dress << dijahit ikut ukuran, no worries ttg labuh;)
-price: best price+affordable ;)

-bdway dis is preview..we akan open order for this lovley mx dress soon~

stay tune 4 the opening order at kakishopping


  1. dear post kat wall kaki shoping ;)

  2. dress ni open smpai bile sis???alohhh...
    skanh out of money lah..tak de open next batch ke?