Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 ♥

breezy day ^.^ (31/12/2011) 
"photo mess"
describing my 2012 plans~so many thing in my head dat i wish 4 in 2012
hopefully 2012 ll bring so much happiness to everyone..amin;)

p/s: lets share your photo mess! ;D
cheerss ♥

Monday, December 26, 2011

-Plain Look

wonderfull 2 days
spending 2 days wif beloved ladies..refreshing my mind..mingle wif new people around..xperlu fkir ttg masa..xperlu risau apa2..sgt breathtaking^_^
i decided to look "minus plain look"

1st day:
 long sleeve wif chiffon cardingan..if pkai shirt je 4 sure myna look totally plain..
boring kan-_-
so ape kate match kan dgn osem chiffon cardi ni+plus chunky ring
fyi,chiffon cardi ni ade jual kat kakishopping 
2nd day:
attending my bff's sista wedding..i choose the plain one bj kurung..
trust me add on your bangle yg bergelang2 tu..n yeahh u look minus plain! ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Get in Gold.

hye loveliess
im craving for a gold accesories>> well not really a gold one ;p
- its too much classic n casual in it..
hw agak susah nk cr gold accesories..moslty kdai accesories jual bronze n silver struggling n excited to have it in long necklace+bangle
so anyone? help me out to find it ;)

Monday, December 19, 2011

tudung bawal ♥

inspiring morning ;)

hijab : street 

its 4 square hijab, yes we call it tudung bawal..i just wake up in a wonderful morning n inspired to come up wif dis style;)
tutorial ks update soon 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

yes,its kakishopping ♥

gladly inform~semua product custome made kakishopping ll provide wif label ;)
- hopefully wif this label kami dpt mengekalkan n meningkatkan quality product 

Professionalism means consistency of quality : Frank Tyger

to our beloved customers:
thanks 4 your support
lots of 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

tudung 4 segi ♥

hye ♥
just realize how bz am i lately~
i left my faveret routine T__T
>>kumpul2 shawl dpn cermin n try lilitan baru~
huuu how do i miss my old time n how do i appreaciate n love things around now
ok2 xmo bebel..jom experiment tdung bwl ;)

♥ sebelah panjang sebelah pendek
♥ lipatkan sebelah pendek >>seperti dlm pic

♥ tarik dan pinkan sebelah pendek ke skarf 
♥ pin kan bhgian belakang (sebelah panjang) di bahu..

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Deep Scoop mx dress kakishopping collections ♥

hye ♥
finally we officially open order 4 dis mx dress;)
take note..we open orders till 12 december..
get ready wif your measuremnt>> n pm us at jom shop @ cik myna

measuremnt needed ♥

Friday, December 2, 2011

teaser Deep Scoop mx dress kakishopping collections ♥ ♥

hey ♥


after HWS we proudly introduce u our new design >> 
Deep Scoop mx dress kakishopping collections

honestly love the pattern,the shape n love the look! just like a princess^.~
-mx dress ni sesuai utk pkai kmana saje unless if u all nk pkai ke event make sure add up wif sum accesories ;)
-its custome made lycra mx dress << dijahit ikut ukuran, no worries ttg labuh;)
-price: best price+affordable ;)

-bdway dis is preview..we akan open order for this lovley mx dress soon~

stay tune 4 the opening order at kakishopping