Monday, July 18, 2011

play with the colours ♥ ♥

hey shoppers:)

Now ks da keluarkan collections in colours..only certain kaler yg we choose to be as our collections..
upss n polka dot are now open for orders..but dear..take note~
we only open till 27 payment after the dateline x akan dilayan...its limited!:)

colour ks pilih antaranya:-

- elegance purple ♥ those yg suke nampak elegance..try dis one!
- light grey ♥ totally casual..warna yg simple but bile match dgn tops yg turn to be cool!
- electric blue ♥ love it..its such a strong colour isn'it
- red ♥ full of passion!i bet u ll be more attractive in it~
- yellow mustard ♥ thinking of sumting grand+simple :)

so ladies: place your orders now>>kaki shoping

reviews for the high waist colours skirt ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. ye dear=))
    klu nak order...
    tgk la kat fb..(Kaki shoping)

  2. if nak order warna purple ade lg x?nk order mcm mana?